Okavango Delta accommodation options are varied and range from five star luxury camps and lodges to more humble accommodation. All fall within the government’s high value, low volume tourism strategy and thus might be more expensive than one might imagine.

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The list below makes no recommendations and should provide a good start point for identifying properties to discuss with your tour operator.

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Chiteba Lediba
Chitabe Lediba is a smaller version of the main Chitabe Camp. Chitabe Lediba is built a few hundred metres from the main camp, on the other side of the same island.
Chitabe Camp borders the Moremi Game Reserve and the area is a fascinating combination of open floodplains, wooded islands and perennial Delta - which hosts a wide variety of wildlife.
Xigera Camp
Xigera is situated in an area which has permanent water all year round, which makes it the perfect water and land activity camp.
Pelo Camp
Pelo Camp is situated in the private Jao Concession on the Moremi Game Reserve boundary. It is the perfect place to connect with one of the largest inland wetlands on the planet: the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
Banoka Bush Camp
Banoka Bush Camp is named in honour of the River San, or Banoka, ancestors of the Khoi and the earliest settlers of the Okavango Delta.
Seba Camp
Abu Camp
Wilderness Safaris? Abu Camp is set in a pristine pocket of riverine forest in a private reserve of 180 000 hectares (400 000 acres) in the Okavango Delta.
Jao Camp
Tubu Tree Camp
Jacana Camp
Jacana Camp is set on a heart shaped island situated on the Jao Flats. The density of date palms gives Jacana the feeling of a ?tropical island?.
Duba Plains
Duba Plains is known for the titanic clashes between buffalo and lion and was the setting for ?Relentless Enemies?, an award-winning National Geographic documentary that records the classic interaction between the two species.
Vumbura Plains
Split into two main camps, North and South, Vumbura Plains Camp has a total of fourteen rooms, all raised on wooden platforms and connected by a raised wooden walkways.
Little Vumbura
Little Mombo
Little Mombo is connected to the main Mombo Camp via the raised walkways which connect all the guest rooms and both camps.
Mombo Camp is a luxurious tented camp which overlooks floodplains that teem with wildlife.
Chief's Camp
Situated in the Mombo Concession in the Moremi Game Reserve, Chief?s Camp is considered to have some of the finest game viewing in Africa.
Baines Camp
Baines Camp, operated by Sanctuary Retreats, is located on the Boro River to the west of Chief?s Island and the Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta
Stanley's Camp
Operated by Sanctuary Retreats Stanley?s Camp is an intimate property centred around a large sitting and dining area with magnificent views over the floodplains of the Okavango Delta.
Pom Pom
Pom Pom Camp situated on Pom Pom Island in a private concession lies at the heart of the Okavango Delta at the head waters of the Xudum river system. On the western boundary of the renowned Moremi Game Reserve Pom Pom offers a superb Okavango Delta experience.
Moremi Crossing
One of the newest and larger of the camps in the Okavango Delta Moremi Crossing has been build on a palm fringed island overlooking Chief?s Island. The camp prides itself on its eco friendly approach to solar and waste disposal.
Gunn's Camp
Situated in the western Okavango Delta and overlooking Chiefs Island and the Moremi Game Reserve, Gunn?s Camp is set under leafy palms and African Ebony and blends naturally with its unique surroundings, Gunn?s Camp achieves a good balance of comfort without isolating guests from the sights and sounds of the wilderness.
Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge is situated in a private wilderness concession of 25 000 hectares to the southeast of the Moremi Game Reserve in the centre of the Okavango Delta.
Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp is a ?sleek? new safari lodge, which opened in late 2008 on the site of a much older camp, Rann?s Camp.
&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge consists of 8 luxurious guest cottages with overhead fans set along ancient game paths where the gentle majesty of elephants have often tread.
Meaning ?Place of the Giraffe,? Nxabega is known for its elegant tented accommodation with breathtaking views of the Okavango Delta.
This well known camp is set overlooking a secluded lagoon in the northern Okavango Delta. This region offers a contrasting experience, as its location allows access to the permanent waterways of the Delta as well as expansive dry land areas, admired for their quality game viewing.
Shinde is nestled on a lush palm island in the heart of the northern Okavango Delta, this is is an intimate camp located on the edge of Shinde Lagoon, which simply teems with animal and birdlife.
Kanana is a hidden jewel set on the Xudum River in the southwest Okavango.
This delightful camp lies alongside the Maunachira River which flows through Xakanaxa Lagoon within the world renowned Moremi Game Reserve.
Camp Okavango
Botswana?s magnificent Okavango Delta, the world?s largest inland delta, is a maze of deep lagoons, large lakes and hidden, meandering channels.
Xakanaka Camp
The stylish main buildings extend over the Khwai River and are set on raised platforms to maximize the views over the surrounding lagoons and islands.
Xugana Island Lodge
Xugana Lagoon is widely accepted as being the most spectacular permanent water site in the entire Okavango Delta, which in the midst of the Kalahari sands, is Africa
Camp Moremi
Peeking out from under a lush green woodland canopy, Camp Moremi, in the Xakanaxa area of Moremi Game Reserve, is a truly hidden gem.