Okavango Delta Safari

Okavango Delta safari options are as diverse as the Okavango Delta is magical with some of Africa’s top safari operators offering fantastic safari options. Those wishing to explore the Okavango Delta have the option of an Okavango Delta safari designed by an experienced tour operator or for the more adventurous a safari planned themselves. All safari types are intrinsically linked with the overall aspiration to experience an authentic Okavango Delta safari.

Hunting has recently been banned in Botswana, and so all safaris are now photographic. The decision to ban hunting was taken by the Government of Botswana after much debate and is intended to preserve the unique natural habitat bequeathed to the world by the nation’s protection of the wild since independence. A successful photographic safari requires careful planning with those new to Botswana taking advantage of safari packages which include many of the country’s diverse habitats and those returning often seeking to focus on a particular area.

Walking safaris can either be conducted from permanent camps and lodges or from specialised walking camps. They offer those on safari the ability to get extremely close to nature in much the same way that early explorers did. For the competent rider, a riding safari offers a unique safari experience. Conducted by specialist operators these riding safaris have been offered since 1986 and provide a wonderful way of exploring the Okavango Delta.

Mokoro Safaris are offered at many camps and lodges in the Okavango Delta. These relaxing safaris allow the Okavango Delta to be explored at a human level. For those on a budget a number of safari operators depart from fixed bases and then camp on islands in the Okavango Delta.

In order to preserve the delicate ecosystem of the Okavango Delta camps and lodges are semi-permanent and many are tented thus a safari will most likely involve camping at some time. Camps range from very basic to extremely luxurious with something to suit every taste and budget.

For the more adventurous a self drive safari allows a more independent way of travelling. It must be emphasised that the Okavango Delta can be harsh and unforgiving and that experience combined with thorough planning and the right equipment is essential.

Okavango Delta Safaris - Riding Safaris

Riding Safaris

A unique Okavango Delta safari, riding safaris offer the competent jockey an incredible way to see the Okavango Delta.  With three primary operators in the Okavango Delta riding safaris have been offered since 1986 and offer perhaps the most traditional way of safari in the Okavango Delta.

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Okavango Delta Safaris - Walking Safaris

Walking Safaris

Up close and personal with the wildlife of the Okavango Delta, walking safaris offer a fantastic way of exploring the Okavango allowing a unique perspective of the delta which in turn allows for a greater understanding of the environment.

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Okavango Delta Safaris - Mekoro Safaris

Mokoro Safaris

The traditional Okavango Delta safari, mekoro safaris offer the visitor a relaxing way of experiencing the Okavango Delta.  Often departing from a fixed base and then overnighting on one of the myriad islands that make up the Okavango Delta.

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Okavango Delta Safaris - Camping Safaris

Camping Safaris

Most Okavango Delta safaris involve camping to some extent and the Okavango Delta offers numerous camping options.  Those that wish for a more authentic safari might take advantage of a number of excellent sites within the Moremi Game Reserve as well as deep within the delta.

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Okavango Delta Safaris - Self Drive Safaris

Self Drive Safaris

The Okavango Delta is a harsh environment, but self drive safaris offer a cost effective way of seeing the Okavango Delta for those with off road experience.  It is essential to pre plan your safari taking into account accommodation options and replenishment plans.  These Okavango Delta Safaris require experience and the right equipment.

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Okavango Delta Safaris - Photographic Safaris

Photographic Safaris

With hunting banned in Botswana all safaris in the Okavango Delta are photographic preserving this great wilderness area.  There are a number of well established safari operators within the delta who offer comprehensive tours of the region.  These are great Okavango Delta Safaris.

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