Jedibe Concession (NG24)

Quintessential Okavango scenery

A beautiful concession in the deep delta with quintessential Okavango landscapes.

Previously the site of Jedibe Camp, which was run by Wilderness Safaris until 1999, the concession had no safari operation on it until Setari Camp opened in 2018.  This is a community concession (see Community Based Natural Resource Management) meaning the lease is granted by agreement between the government, the lessee and the Okavango Jakotsha Community Trust.  NG24 is a deep water area in the north of the Delta, situated at the ‘wrist’ at the top of the Delta’s fan where it joins the ‘panhandle’.  It is very beautiful and motorboat excursions will visit the main rivers’ permanent papyrus lined channels and remote, stunning floodplains.

Animals- The draws in terms of wildlife are aquatic birds and water-life rather than game so this is not a concession to visit for the animal sightings.  The activities in this area are water-based and therefore will be mainly by motorboat although mokoro trips and walking safaris are offered, depending on water levels.  The waterways are full of hippo and crocodiles.  On the islands you might encounter a leopard known to be resident hyena and baboons and you will have the best chance of encountering the elusive sitatunga which has specially adapted to its watery environment.

Birds – The bird-life, especially aquatic, is fantastic and the focus of safaris in this concession.  Many places boast of prize sightings of the rare and shy Pel’s fishing owl but NG 24 is the place you are most likely to see it.  There is also a seasonal heronry where, during the breeding season,

Plantlife – Think papyrus, reeds such as phragmites and swamp grass, which is a dominant feature in permanent water areas where it forms thick, impenetrable stands.  Sections often break away and float downstream to block channels and change the direction of water flow, thus being an integral part of the ever-changing Delta scene.  The islands are magnificent riverine forests of leadwood, sausage tree and jackalberry as well as, of course, palms.  Waterberry is found in the Panhandle and has edible dark purple fruits: your guide may pick them for you to sample.  Water lilies grow in slower water and lagoons and open their pinky cream flowers during the day.  They have large, round floating leaves: a classic lily-pad.  The tubers are edible and are eaten by the local people.

Access – By 35 minute flight in a light aircraft from Maun.

Best Months – This is a year round destination. Birding is fantastic in the summer months, November-March

Accommodation in this Area

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Kala Camp

Set in the picturesque permanent swamps of the northern Okavango, Kala Camp offers a classic water safari experience at any time of year. Opening in May 2022, Kala Camp is one of the newest safari camps in the Okavango, and sure to be as popular as its sister camp Setari, which is located nearby. Kala is an intimate camp with just 6 tents and a rustic chic style.

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From $437 per person

Setari Camp

The delightful Setari Camp (meaning ‘tree’ in Setswana) offers a quintessential Okavango water safari year round. A network of treehouses with breath-taking views over the sparkling, clear Delta waters, your safari at Setari will be an exclusively water based experience. A visit to the heronry provides spectacular birdlife and Setari is well placed for a glimpse of the elusive sitatunga antelope and the rare Pel’s fishing owl. Catch and release fishing is available in-season.

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