Kwara Concession (NG20)

Kwara Concession is a game rich private concession on the northern edge of Botswana’s game rich Okavango Delta. With just three camps within the concession it offers a very exclusive safari experience.

The private Kwara concession, on the northern edge of the Okavango Delta, occupies a huge area of 175 000 hectares.  The Kwara concession shares a considerable water boundary of 30 kilometres with the world famous Moremi Game Reserve.  This proximity allows free movement of wildlife between the Moremi and NG 20 but the Kwara Concession has the advantage of the wildlife of the Moremi Reserve without the restrictions on activities experienced within the reserve.  In addition to game drives and motorboat excursions the concession offers walks, fishing and mokoro excursions.

The Kwara concession has been home to a safari oufit since the 1990s.  Before then, it was a hunting area.  Game was extremely shy and not at all prolific.  Photographic safaris in the area began with Ker & Downey in a joint venture with Wilderness Safaris but transferred to Kwando Safaris and has been exclusively operated by Kwando since then.  The highly productive wildlife sightings now are testament to how an area can change and can become once more a haven of varied, habituated wildlife when conservation principles change.

This vast concession also benefits from both seasonal and permanent water access as well as a considerable dry hinterland which is perfect for game viewing.  Along with the seasonal floodplains the concession also boasts labyrinths of permanent water channels.

Animals – The Kwara Concession is particularly well known for wild dog, although all three big cats (lions, leopard and cheetah) are also found here.  With both floodplains and a dry hinterland the concession is well equipped to attract a wide variety of antelope.  Plentiful game is found in the dry savannah with impala, tsessebe, kudu and giraffe common.  Elephant are often seen.  It may be possible to glimpse the shy and rarely seen sitatunga in papyrus beds.  Open areas support zebra and wildebeest along with buffalo and areas of closer bush are inhabited by steenbok and bushbuck.  Red lechwe graze the floodplains.

Birds -Once again the diverse habitat of the concession allows for a huge variety of bird species.  The Godikwe lagoon is a boat ride away and is one of the most important breeding sites for the Okavango Delta and wider region’s birdlife.  Godikwe’s heronries are a magnet for colonies of storks, egrets, spoonbills and other breeding aquatic avians.  The most active period is September to November but there will be interesting sightings all year round.  In addition to a trip into the Moremi Game Reserve to view the astonishing sights of Godikwe, you will see many of the birds resident in the Okavango Delta such as: malachite and pied kingfishers, fish eagles, darters, jacanas and herons.

Away in the drier areas to the north of the southern swamps you will encounter different species and perhaps see lilac-breasted rollers, hornbills, blacksmith plover (lapwing), francolin and sandgrouse.

Plantlife – The Kwara environment is highly varied due to its position on the edge of the Delta.  The drier northern area is a landscape of palms, both phoenix reclinata and hyphaene but also riverine forest trees such as jackal-berry, sycamore fig, mopane and others characteristic of the Okavango Delta.  The area even has some Kalahari apple-leaf which is normally found in the Chobe area.

The permanent swamps and waterways exhibit masses of reeds: papyrus and phragmites.  The Delta is home to many species of bladderwort which are extraordinary in their method of obtaining nutrition.  The plant is hair-like with narrow leaves and the accompanying bladders suck in small animals such as larvae and ingest them, breaking down and using nutrients such as nitrogen.

Best Months – Game viewing is traditionally held to be best in the dry season although outside the peak season the grasslands landscape is pleasantly green and all big game can be found, just in lower concentrations.  Godikwe heronries are at their peak in the months of September, October, November but outside Godikwe other birds breed December to March.

Access – Most guests will arrive on a light aircraft landing at the airstrip close to Kwara camp.

Camps – Kwara Camp, Splash Camp and 4 Rivers Camp.

Accommodation in this Area

From $635 per person

4 Rivers

Opened in 2023, 4 Rivers is an exciting new safari camp on the famous Kwara Reserve - one of the most exclusive and game rich areas of the Okavango Delta. Tucked away in a remote corner of a vast 175,000 hectare private reserve, 4 Rivers is a classic Okavango tented camp offering a range of exciting safari activities in a peaceful setting. Overlooking a beautiful permanent lagoon in a fantastic wildlife area this new camp from Kwando Safaris is sure to become of the most popular in the Delta.

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From $920 per person

Kwara Camp

Set in one of Botswana’s prime concessions, Kwara camp is located in the vast Kwara concession on the north eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. This area boasts year round water and superb game viewing. The massive 175,000 hectares is shared with only three camps, ensuring a highly exclusive safari. The concession shares a 30km water border with the iconic Moremi Game Reserve and benefits from the flow of wildlife between these areas.

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From $840 per person

Splash Camp

Splash camp is a smart tented camp on the prime private concession of Kwara, in the eastern Okavango Delta, a pretty and game lively concession. The area benefits from permanent water, seasonal floodplains and dry savannah bush and is home to good resident game which has earned Kwara the reputation for delivering some of the best game viewing in Botswana. A variety of safari activities and interesting game viewing deliver a fantastic all-round safari.

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Little Kwara

Little Kwara borders Moremi Game Reserve, on the huge and game - rich Kwara Concession in the eastern Okavango Delta. With some of the finest game viewing in the Okavango, the Kwara concession is made up of a variety of habitats which ensures rich and varied game viewing. Importantly, both land and water based activities are offered year round. An intimate and luxurious tented camp, Little Kwara offers a vintage safari with superb guiding.

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