Moremi Game Reserve Private Concession (NG 28)

The Moremi Game Reserve was extended in 1992 to the west and north in order to incorporate the Okavango Delta’s northern wetlands which were unprotected until that date. This expansion drew the concession NG 28 into the Moremi so that Xigera, Mombo and Chief’s Camp suddenly assumed prime positions within the Moremi Game Reserve. They are technically still in NG 28 but for all purposes are part of the Moremi Game Reserve. Xigera sits to the western border of the Moremi Game Reserve and Chief’s Camp and Mombo are in the centre and north of Chief’s Island.


Xigera is a deep-water environment but there is big game on the islands here. Lion, leopard, hyena and elephant. It is one of the best environments to see sitatunga although these antelope are always hard to spot because they are extremely shy. Lechwe and tsessebe are also in the vicinity and baboons come into the area around camp.

Around Mombo and Chief’s camp, game viewing is some of the best in Africa due to the high concentrations of game; this is an island in an Eden and Chief’s Island has its own permanent population of wildlife. This island was the royal hunting grounds of Chief Moremi, the chief of the BaTawana people.

Lion sightings are excellent, there are numerous hyena and there are also good numbers of leopard. Wild dog are often seen here. Cheetah sightings are execellent because these big cats enjoy the habitat of wide open areas with termite mounds giving high ground for surveying hunting opportunities. Rhino was reintroduced to the area in the 2000s after being exterminated by hunting in the 1980s. White rhinoceros were reintroduced first to good success and there have been attempts to establish a population of black rhino. See However, the battle against poaching continues and the pressure from poachers is as great as ever with no sign of the demand for rhino horn decreasing.

Although NG 28 is a private concession, its privileged position in the Moremi Game Reserve means that night game drives are not allowed.


Virtually every Okavango Delta bird inhabits this area. Xigera’s watery situation is perfect for seeing Pel’s fishing owl, African skimmer, slaty egret, wattled crane, lesser jacana and kingfishers. Pelicans, saddle-billed and marabou storks all live in NG 28. Chief’s and Mombo additionally suits the dry land Okavango specialists so you will have an excellent chance of seeing plenty of eagles, vultures and raptors as well as bee-eaters and the kori bustard, Africa’s largest flying bird and the rare wattled crane in very good concentrations.

The landscape is pristine because it has been protected as a game reserve. At Xigera, wetland grasses, reeds and papyrus sedge are the dominant influence on the scenery. On Chief’s Island, riparian forest edges the island, with machaba (sycamore fig), sausage tree, African mangosteen and even the odd baobab. This is an incredibly varied environment; there are areas of Kalhari sand which supports Kalahari appleleaf and vachellia (acacia until the recent re-classification!) such as mosu or umbrella thorn. There are also numerous short grass plains with date palm islands.


By light aircraft or helicopter

Best Months: Xigera, all year round because as a deep water camp, the emphasis is not on big game viewing and therefore seasonal variations do not matter.  On Chief’s Island, the game viewing is at its absolute best from July to October.  However, there is an excellent permanent population of game here and so the experience will be good all year round.


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Mombo Camp

Mombo is a flagship Botswana camp, one of the finest in Africa, offering superb game viewing and an extremely luxurious safari. With a prime location on Chief’s Island and some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Okavango, Mombo is top of the wish list for many. Rebuilt in 2018, Mombo reopened as an even more luxurious camp though maintaining the essence of the original Mombo which so many have come to love.

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Bush Ways Safaris Fully Serviced Camp

Bush Ways Safaris run two set departure groups tours with their fully serviced mobile safari camp - the northbound safari and the southbound safari exploring the Okavango, Savute and Chobe riverfront. The fully serviced camp is distinct to the semi-participation tours in that it requires no guest participation and tents are larger, feature camp beds and a simple en-suite bathroom. The maximum guests per vehicle is 9 ensuring a window seat for all.

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Little Mombo

Little Mombo is a smaller, more intimate version of its famous sister camp, and boasts just four luxurious tents. Renowned as “the Place of Plenty,” due to the myriad of species and large concentration of game, Little Mombo is one of Africa’s most sought after luxury camps. Connected to Mombo via a raised boardwalk, the camp enjoys its own facilities, including a dining area, boma, kitchen, lounge and swimming pool. A first-class safari experience.

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