Nxai Pan National Park

A captivating park, and home to striking Baines' Baobabs.

Charming Nxai Pan National Park forms part of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park and consists of a variety of landscapes from salt pans, to grasslands, mopane and acacia forest and the unmistakable baobab trees, all providing a great diversity of habitat for wildlife.

Due to the slightly higher level at which it sits, when the vast Super Lake dried, less saline was deposited leaving a more Kalahari-typical landscape.  As with Makgadikgadi Pans, the Kalahari grasses attract the migratory Zebra and Wildebeest and sightings of thousands of these as well as Springbok, Impala, Giraffe and Ostrich are almost guaranteed.  In winter (May-Sept) the dwindling water holes provide a concentration of animals where water is still available.  Lion, Cheetah, Wild Dog and Spotted Hyena are frequently seen by visitors – sometimes as they prepare themselves for a hunt.

Baines’ Baobabs forms a well-known landmark, a cluster of ancient giant trees made famous by explorer/artist Thomas Baines who painted them in 1862.  Baobabs grow slowly and these are almost exactly the same today as they were depicted over 150 years ago.

Whilst no local communities reside permanently in Nxai Pan, there is an option to enjoy a walk with the San Bushmen if staying at the only luxury lodge in the Park.  This is highly recommended and offers an interesting cultural element to the wildlife experience here.

Easily accessed by road (4×4 is essential) this part of the Park is very popular with self-drivers and mobile safaris but camping spaces are limited so there is never a problem of the area being too busy.

Accommodation in this Area

From $800 per person

Nxai Pan Camp

Nxai Pan Camp is the only permanent camp set in the striking Nxai Pan national park and offers an interesting desert experience in contrast to the lush Okavango. Nxai Pan camp is arranged around a busy waterhole with excellent views across the pans. A spacious, light and comfortable camp with a friendly atmosphere and interesting activities. Excellent between November to April, when the dazzling zebra migration arrives and the plains fill with game.

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From $455 per person

Migration Expeditions

Migration Expeditions Camp is a new tented camp in Nxai Pan National Park shining a spotlight on the dazzling Zebra migration which occurs here around Dec-March every year. This is a simple and authentic seasonable camp, operating between November and March, when a little known but staggering natural phenomenon occurs here - the longest migration in Africa. It brings not only Zebra but other antelope and the opportunistic predators that instinctively follow on their trail.

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