Shinde Concession (NG21)

The Shinde Concession lies on the northern edge of the Okavango Delta.  The concession is predominately permanent delta with two of the concession’s camps focusing on water based activities. The northern part of the concession borders the Kwara Concession and includes a good population of plains game.

The Shinde Concession can be divided into two parts, Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge are water based camps and activities focus on the Okavango Delta, whereas Shinde and Footsteps Camps are situated on the edge of the Okavango Delta and offer a balanced mix of water and land based activities. At the water based camps game is mostly focused on aquatic and semi aquatic species with sightings of red lechwe and hippopotamus being common.

Shinde and Footsteps Camp both benefit from a broader range of species living here including wild dog, lion, leopard and hyena. Good game sightings are to be had in the concession with impala, tsessebe, kudu and giraffe making regular appearances.

Birding-  Once again the diverse habitat of the concession allows for a huge variety of bird species. The Okavango Delta is an important breeding site for the region’s birdlife with thriving colonies of storks, egrets, spoonbills and herons.


A large part of the Shinde Concession is permanent wetlands so here you will be surrounded by reeds and papyrus: quintessential Okavango vegetation.  Papyrus is a dominant feature of the permanent swamps and enjoys the Delta’s crystal clear, nutrient deficient water.  The common reed phragmites forms dense reedbeds in the area and is an important nesting site in heronries because the reedbeds are almost impenetrable to mammalian predators.  Swamp grass miscanthus is another notable feature of the area.


All three camps have their own airstrips and all guest fly into the camps.

Best Months

The camps of Shinde Concession are in a deep-water environment and perhaps best visited in the dry winter months.

Camps: Shinde, Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge

Accommodation in this Area

From $583 per person

Shinde Camp

Shinde Camp is a sophisticated tented camp nestled on a lush palm island on a private concession in the north eastern Okavango Delta. Overlooking the shimmering Shinde Lagoon, this is an area which teems with animals and birds attracted to the permanent waters. The game viewing is varied and interesting, as are the activities with both land and water activities available year-round. This is a luxurious tented camp, with a classic sophisticated style and friendly atmosphere.

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From $614 per person

Camp Okavango

Camp Okavango lies on the remote Nxaragha Island at the heart of the permanent Okavango Delta, offering a year-round water wilderness experience. The experience is all in the name, this is a quintessential Okavango water safari experience with the traditional mokoro rides, boating and walking in a beautiful environment. The camp was rebuilt in 2016 and offers guests modern comforts whilst at the same time preserving the special atmosphere for which it achieved its renown.

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From $614 per person

Xugana Island Lodge

Xugana Lagoon is widely accepted as being the most spectacular permanent water site in the entire Okavango Delta, overlooking a permanent deep water lagoon. Xugana Island Lodge is situated on a rich private concession and takes full advantage of this magnificent site offering a classic water safari experience. This is a charming little Okavango camp, with plenty of character with a traditional, slightly rustic, but very comfortable style.

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From $700 per person

Shinde Footsteps

Shinde Footsteps, previously known as Footsteps, is a charming little bush camp accommodating just six guests in four tents, ideal for those looking for an intimate Okavango safari. Set on one of the Okavango’s finest private concessions Shinde Footsteps offers a fantastic safari experience in an area rich in wildlife across a varied landscape. With both wetlands and vast tracts of dry land on offer guests can a wonderful range of land and water activities.

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From $5,164 per person

Shinde Enclave

The exclusive Shinde Enclave is a ‘camp within a camp’, offering the ultimate personal service and exclusive safari experience on the Shinde concession. Perfect for families or small groups, the enclave consists of three luxurious tents built on raised teak decks, with a private dining and lounge area. Both land and water activities are offered year round in this excellent game area.

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