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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Okavango Delta. If you can’t find the answer let us know. We’ll be only too happy to help

How do I get from camp to camp?

Most camps and lodges in the Okavango Delta are accessed from the air by light aircraft and helicopters. Specially selected for their robustness, these aircraft are perfect for the airstrips of the Okavango Delta.

How long does it take to get from camp to camp?

The flying time between camps varies with some journeys being a simple hop taking just 5 minutes. Transiting from the east to the west of the delta takes appreciably more time.

Can I drive to the camps and lodges of the delta?

The camps and lodges of the Xakanaxa and Khwai region of the Moremi Game Reserve can be reached by road from Maun and other regional centres. Access is only by 4 x 4 vehicle with roads being particularly poor during the rainy season. GPS is recommended used in conjunction with the appropriate mapping.

Park and vehicle fees are to be settled by prior arrangement.

Where can I get a map of the Okavango Delta?

It can be surprisingly difficult to get a map of the Okavango Delta. Veronica Roote has produced an excellent map in collaboration with Shell which sets the standard for local mapping. Ensure that you have correctly configured your GPS to the mapping.

Is fuel available in the National Parks and Game Reserves?

There is no fuel available within the National Parks and Game Reserves. It is advised that at least on spare external fuel container is carried for emergencies. It should be noted that driving in thick sand or heavy mud is fuel intensive.

How long should I stay?

A safari to the Okavango Delta will often be combined with a longer safari to northern Botswana or even southern Africa more generally. The minimum stay in the delta should be three days if staying at a land and water camp. This will ensure that you get the most out of your safari. The average delta safari is between four and six nights.

Should I visit the delta with my children?

Visiting the Okavango Delta is perhaps one of Africa’s most authentic safari experiences. For families this presents a great opportunity to spend time together in a unique environment and the experience can be life changing. We do not however recommend that young children visit the delta. Most safari outfitters will not permit children under the age of six and those that do place very heavy restrictions on activities for safety reasons.

I’m camping in the delta. Can I arrange boat activities?

A number of local operators can arrange boat activities in the delta. These either depart from outside the delta near Maun or from the Moremi Game Reserve.

Xakanaxa Boat Station
Ngami Marine, Tel: +267 686 0364 Email: [email protected]

Mboma Boat station
Mankwe Bush Lodge Tel: +267 686 5788 Email: [email protected]

Can I operate a drone in Botswana?

The use of drones in Botswana is heavily restricted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. Generally drones cannot be operated without a certificate issued by the Authority. Certificates must be applied for in writing and giving the Authority seven days notice. It must be noted that drones may not be flown inter alia over any game park or wildlife sanctuary, over any tourist facility or over any wildlife in a manner in which the drone will disturb the wildlife.

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