What weather to expect in Botswana?

This guide aims to give you an idea of what kind of weather to expect month by month in Botswana, a useful reference when packing for your safari. For a full description of how these different seasons affect the safari experience month by month, please see our When to Visit Page.

Botswana has dry winters from May-September and wet summers from November to April, October is hot but dry.  Below is a general guide as to what you can expect from historical records and our experience but please bear in mind weather patterns are becoming increasingly unpredictable. We have seen thunderstorms in the Kalahari during the middle of the dry winter and drought years through the usual wet summers.

Dry season – May to October – Winter

There is little to no rain during winter and humidity is low, typically 20-40%.

May – A lovely month. The temperatures are relatively cool, typically 10°C/50°F in the morning and 28°C/80°F in the afternoon.

June, July & August – The average morning temperature is 6°C/42°F. Night temperatures can drop below freezing, especially in the dryer Kalahari areas. Afternoons will be more pleasant with temperatures around 25°C/78°F.  Be sure to pack winter clothing because morning game drives in open vehicles will be cold.

September & October – The heat gradually builds and it can get very hot in October (38°C/100°F), but the average temperature remains around 34°C/93°F in the afternoon.

Wet season – November to April – Summer

November & December – Clouds start to appear, bringing cooler temperatures and an occasional late afternoon shower. This pattern of change continues in December, with typical temperatures between 20°C/69°F in the morning and 33°C/91°F in the afternoon. The more extreme Kalahari areas can still have very hot days, and cold mornings. Humidity is typically between 50-60%.

January & February – These are the wettest months, characterized by torrential downpours in the afternoon and sometimes continuous rainfall for days. Daytime temperatures are around 32°C/90°F and the humidity is between 50-80%.

March & April – Rainfall decreases and it steadily cools. This trend continues through April, which has lovely, clear weather and few clouds. The nights tend to be cooler but the days are very temperate at 30°C/87°F.

Botswana Temperatures – average lows and highs and rainfall:

  • January – 19/32° Celsius or  66/89° Fahrenheit.  Rainfall = 94 mm
  • February – 19/31° Celsius or  66/87° Fahrenheit.  Rainfall = 81 mm
  • March – 18/31° Celsius or  64/87° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 56 mm
  • April – 14/31° Celsius or  57/87° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 44 mm
  • May –  9/28° Celsius or  48/82° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 11 mm
  • June – 6/25° Celsius or  43/77° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 4 mm
  • July- 6/25° Celsius or  43/77° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 3 mm
  • August – 9/28° Celsius or  48/82° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 2 mm
  • September – 13/33° Celsius or  55/91° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 14 mm
  • October – 18/37° Celsius or  64/98° Fahrenheit. Rainfall 40 mm
  • November –  19/34° Celsius or  66/93° Fahrenheit. Rainfall 69 mm
  • December – 19/32° Celsius or  66/89° Fahrenheit. Rainfall = 82 mm

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