Travelling to the delta with children

The Okavango Delta offers fantastic and life changing safari experiences for both adults and children. It is however a remote and potentially dangerous wilderness destination and to get the most out of your safari we would recommend that you consider the factors below.

Age Restrictions

Individual safari outfitters set age restrictions in the delta. These restrictions are important to ensure the enjoyment of the destination by all guests and the safety of children.

Outfitters also place different restrictions on accommodation and on individual activities and this should be considered when making your selection.

Seba Camp - Family Safari


Different operators will offer children different activity mixes with most restricting walking and mokoro safaris to those over sixteen.

Private activities can often be booked where a measure of risk is mitigated by enhanced supervision and a child centric tailored approach to the activity. These must be pre booked and are included on children’s packages like the Ultimate Family Safari and Young Explorers.

Family Safaris - Tent Camp Moremi


For safety reasons most outfitters will require children under sixteen to share tents with their parents. Many camps in the delta now have family tents which cater for families of up to five, allowing them to share large interconnected tents.


Ultimately children need to be under their parent’s supervision throughout. A number of operators are able to offer childcare should it be required, but this must be prebooked.

Access to sightings will be at the discretion of the guide, based on the behaviour of both the child and the wildlife. Greater distances to animals may be adhered to, or certain sightings may be avoided, in order to ensure the safety of guests. In the case of boating activities, the availability of boats may restrict private use and require forward planning.