About Okavango Delta Explorations

Crafting safaris to the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta - Young John Gibson

John Gibson
The Okavango Delta has been a place of mystery and wonder for me ever since I first set eyes on its crystal waters as a young child. The magnificence of this unique landscape is complemented by a diversity of birds and animals unmatched in southern Africa.

I have been lucky, the Okavango Delta and northern Botswana has been part of my life for over thirty years. I think back to a childhood watching the sunset at Jessie’s Pool in Moremi with Jessie Neil, being among the elephants of Savute with Lloyd Wilmot of Lloyd’s Camp fame and the magical calm of David Hartley’s Xugana Island Lodge. Much has changed in Botswana since my childhood, but the wilds of the Okavango Delta are timeless. This is Africa at its authentic best.

I have established Okavango Delta Explorations to share my passion of this place with others, to provide memories of a world greater than ourselves.

Okavango Delta - Young John Gibson

Louise FitzGerald
A childhood in Botswana is a very special thing, especially back in the early 80s before the internet age where your entertainment and playground were the wilds of the African bush- a place that has always thrilled, inspired and moved me. The wonder of nature never ceases to amaze and even after countless safaris over 30 years I am always left in awe of how new and different each visit is.

Botswana was my childhood home but with three generations before me settled across sub-Sahara Africa this extraordinary continent is in the blood. I have travelled extensively through the region including Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa- all of which has helped me appreciate the uniqueness of each safari destination and with this context, to try and answer the inevitable question ‘Why Botswana?’ …just ask!

I’m very lucky and proud to have been able to call this vast, remote and beautiful country home for so many years and it gives me great joy to share my knowledge and experience of Botswana for those looking for a true safari experience.