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How to plan your Okavango Safari?

The Okavango Delta is one of the most dynamic, complex and exciting safari destinations in Africa. The incredible diversity in wildlife, landscapes, accommodation, activities and safari experiences is staggering. And then there is the seasonal nature of the Okavango Delta, constantly transforming with the annual arrival of the flood waters which in turn affects the safari experience at each camp differently.

The sheer volume of information and options can be overwhelming. Let us guide you. Every safari we arrange is tailormade to suit your personal interests and particular requirements. Our suggested itineraries are provided as inspiration but are by no means set in stone.

When planning your safari we consider a number of important details such as when you want to travel, who is travelling, your preferred comfort levels, how long do you want to be on safari and what pace of safari would you prefer? What is the aim of the safari, are there any special interests to take into account? Are there any particular activities which appeal? How can you incorporate the Okavango into your wider itinerary? And of course budget will play an important role in planning your safari.

There is no such thing as ‘the best’ Okavango safari. The most famous camps do not necessarily mean the best safari experience for you. Forget the awards and glossy magazine reports. We plan your safari with you, by matching our expert knowledge of the area with your personal interests and requirements to create the trip you have in mind.

With the right support, planning a safari is incredibly exciting. We have the knowledge and experience to breakdown the various options for you, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision and confidently book the best possible safari suited for you.

This site aims to offer a comprehensive introduction to the Okavango Delta and answer some of the most frequent questions. Contact us for further information and to start planning your safari.

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