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Our team keep our eyes and ears open for all the latest developments in the Okavango. We do regular research trips to the camps and concession, sharing our safari experience with you. This collection of news posts includes everything from water level updates to packing suggestions and our favourite camps.

Celebrating 60th anniversary of the Moremi Game Reserve

15th March 2023

Today marks a great milestone in Botswana conservation. Sixty years ago, on 15 March 2063,  the Moremi Game Reserve was created, one of the first reserves in Africa to be formed by the indigenous population, working together with conservationists. Concerned...

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The Latest Botswana Travel Advice – Coronavirus

2nd December 2021

Botswana travel advice for visitors during the Coronavirus pandemic. Establishing all travel, health and entry requirements when visiting a foreign country can be a daunting task so we have provided a useful summary of the regular and special entry requirements...

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Owls of Botswana

1st July 2021

Owls are so unique and distinctive that even those with only a passing interest in birds are impressed by these extraordinary birds of prey. Botswana offers wonderful birding opportunities with over 600 recorded bird species, including 11 species of owls....

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What to expect from a Botswana safari in Low Season

23rd June 2021

With careful planning you can enjoy a fantastic safari at a time when the Okavango is most beautiful- and take advantage of low season rates. For those looking to travel in low season we use our many years of local...

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Sleeping soundly- Botswana safari camps with air-conditioning

23rd June 2021

Going on safari during the warmer months does not mean giving up the comfort of a good night’s sleep.  We all react differently to warm climates and for some of us this means cool air is the only way to...

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Travel Advice: Covid testing at Johannesburg Airport

22nd June 2021

The majority of visitors to Botswana will fly via South Africa and may need to make use of Covid testing facilities along the way. Since November 2020 Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport has offered travellers COVID-19 PCR testing from just outside...

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The Best Nature Documentaries on Botswana

25th May 2021

Travel restrictions have confined many of us to armchair travel for the last year. Luckily there are some truly stunning nature documentaries out there which vividly transport the viewer beyond their four walls to the wilds of Botswana. From the...

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Sleep under the stars – the best sleep-outs and star beds in Botswana

17th May 2021

Nothing beats the freedom and thrill of sleeping out below the stars – with nothing between you and the African wilderness.  This is slow travel at its best – a chance to truly connect to your surroundings, quietly absorbing all...

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Amazing image of the Okavango Delta from space

16th February 2021

This NASA image of the Okavango Delta glistening in the sun’s reflection perfectly captures the magic of this oasis in the Kalahari desert. In this picture you can see the bright light of the Okavango River advancing from the Angolan...

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