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Booking Conditions

The following booking conditions, together with other written information we brought to your attention in your proposal before we confirmed your booking, will form the basis of your contract with Ngamiland Explorations Limited, trading as Okavango Delta Explorations (ATOL 11065). Please ensure that you have read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and responsibilities.

In this contract, a reference to "you" and "your" include the lead-named person on the confirmation invoice (who must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking) and all persons on whose behalf a booking is made.

We are Ngamiland Explorations Limited, trading as Okavango Delta Explorations (“Okavango Delta Explorations” “ODE” or “us” or “our”) of Kilderkin Cottage, Horse Shoe Lane, Ibthorpe, Andover, SP11 0BY.

1. In this agreement:

Departure Point

means the place specified by us in the Tour Pack as the place where you will end your Safari;

Meeting Point

means the place specified by us in the Tour Pack as the place we will meet and start your safari;

Start Date

means the date on which we meet to start your Safari;


means a holiday organised by Okavango Delta Explorations further defined in the Proposal and confirmed in the Confirmation; and

Safari Information Pack

means whatever documents inter alia, the Proposal and Confirmation information we send to you in hard or soft copy to provide information about your Safari; and


means the information provided by us to you regarding a Safari following your requests for information; and


means the consolidated information we send you once you have paid your deposit as specified in the Proposal.

Service Supplier

means any person or organisation providing a service as specified in the Confirmation.

2. Booking your safari

2.1. We do not offer packaged Safaris, we tailor Safaris to the requirements you specify when you request a Proposal.

2.2. You can request a Proposal from us at any time. Once you have accepted our Proposal we will hold a provisional booking for a period specified in the Proposal to allow you time to send us your deposit which will be specified in the Proposal. When we receive your deposit, we will send you a Confirmation, including invoice, which confirms your booking. The contract between us comes into existence at that time. You undertake to pay for the Safari you have booked as per the Proposal and we undertake to provide you with the Safari we confirm in our Proposal.

2.3. If you make a booking on behalf of others as well as yourself, we shall take it that you have the authority of each of those other people to enter into the contract on the basis of these booking conditions and that you and they have agreed to be jointly and severally liable to us.

2.4. If we are unable to accept your booking, we will of course return your payment to you immediately. The balance payment for all Safaris will be specified in the Proposal.

2.5. Where the cost to us of any part of the Safari increases, we reserve the right to pass on that increase to you as per paragraph 4 of these booking conditions.

2.6. You can give us your personal details, insurance, special requests, medical conditions, next-of- kin and passport details by completing a form we shall send to you.

2.7. For some Safaris we are able to make provisional bookings. In other cases we have to use scheduled flights. Availability and prices of these flights can change significantly, so we book them as soon as possible.

3. Payment

3.1. In order to confirm your booking we require a 25% deposit or full payment if you are travelling within 90 days. Sometimes your booking may require other upfront payments on top of the usual 25% deposit – for example for international/regional flights, gorilla permits or for some bookings over peak holiday periods. We will inform you of this.

3.2. The remaining balance of your booking cost will be due to us at least 90 days before the Tour Start Date. We will tell you that last date for payment after we have confirmed our acceptance of your booking.

3.3. If you do not pay us before the last date for payment, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled. If we do that, you accept that a cancellation fee will be due to us.

3.4. Payment can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer. We do not keep your card details. We do not accept cheques.

4. Surcharges and refunds

4.1. The prices given on our website and in our Proposal are calculated at costs current at the time we fixed them. If costs rise or adverse currency exchange rates apply, you agree that we may increase prices at any time to a maximum of 5% of the advertised cost of the safari. If we do this we shall tell you the costs which have risen and the percentage by which they have risen.

4.2. No matter what the increase, we shall not increase the cost less than six weeks before the departure date.

4.3. If we increase the price of your Safari by more than 5%, you are free to cancel. In that circumstance, we will return to you all money paid to us.

5. Changes and cancellations by you

5.1. We will try to accommodate any change you are compelled to make, but we cannot promise to do so. If we do, you agree to pay an administration fee of £100 and any additional cost of a different arrangement. Please note that an airline may treat a change as a cancellation and create a new booking, charging a 100% cancellation fee. We cannot make changes to you itinerary within 84 days of departure. Any changes requested after that date will be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and will be subject to cancellation charges as per paragraph 5.4.

5.2. Only the person who made a booking may cancel. The cancellation takes effect from the date at which a written notification reaches our office.

5.3. If you cancel, your deposit and any flight costs which have been invoiced, will be forfeit.

5.4. We shall charge an additional sum related to the time remaining before the date of departure, as follows:

More than 84 days = Deposit plus invoiced flight cost if any.
71 - 83 days = 35% of Safari cost
61 - 70 days = 50% of Safari cost
31 - 60 days = 75% of Safari cost
0 - 30 days = 100% of Safari cost

5.5. If circumstances force you to leave the Safari early, you will have to bear any additional costs yourself.

5.6. In any circumstances giving rise to cancellation, we will consider allowing you to transfer the money you have paid, or this booking to some other person. That person must meet any conditions which may apply to the booking and you, must ask for the transfer not less than 60 days prior to the Safari Start Date.

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