Self Drive Safaris

For those contemplating the ultimate African epic, a self drive safari often combines the Okavango Delta with other destinations within the region. The delta itself does not lend itself to exploration by vehicle, but the Moremi Game Reserve provides access and the opportunity to conduct both boat and mokoro excursions.

Although the very nature of the Okavango Delta makes self drive safaris difficult, these still offer an excellent way for the independently minded traveller to see the delta. Camping is available not only within the Moremi Game Reserve, but also on some of the surrounding concessions. Traditional delta boating activities are available for those who wish to venture deeper into the delta.

It must be noted that the Okavango Delta is logistically challenging and safaris need to be well planned in advance and it is advisable to contact a local tour operator and take basic safety measures. Always ensure that someone knows where you plan to go and that you take some means of communications. It is sensible to travel with two vehicles.

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